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10 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Toddlers

This list contains affiliate links and I may get a SMALL (seriously, so small) commission on your purchase without any additional cost for you!

First off, let me start by saying I am tryinnnnngg to be a minimalist mom, and I hate clutter (but have SO MUCH CLUTTER because I am a mom of 3 toddlers, ages 4, 4, and 2.5) so I am going to be as mindful as possible when it comes to gift ideas, by sharing things I think will actually be useful and loved for many years and not just in the donation bin 6 months from now.

Second, I am sorry I am sharing this list after Black Friday. I am 98% sure I have ADHD (therefore I am unmedicated) and BFCM [black friday cyber monday] deals OVERWHELM the shit out of me. There. I said it. So, apologies for making you spend more than you maybe would have if these were on sale.

I also wanted to let you know I created a post highlighting my top "big gifts" for toddlers that you may also love! Full or practical, useful items!

Ok, let's get to the list.

Here are my favorite stocking stuffer ideas for toddlers that we have gotten over the last couple of years:

  1. Mess-Free Coloring: I am obsessed with the Crayola "Mess-Free" line of items they have nowadays. I am mad I didn't invent this myself. This allows for worry-free coloring, especially for the younger kids, while still being fun and encouraging creativity. Here is their Deluxe Set with markers + stamps, but you can get themed coloring pages like Frozen, Princesses, Spidey & his Amazing Friends, and more! You can even get blank pages to be enjoyed with the markers you collect from the different packs! They even have a mess-free fingerpainting option AND a paint set but the paint set is out of stock and sells out very fast!

  2. Boogie Board Sketch Pals: These mess-free drawing pads are so nice for SO many reasons. They have a little clip so they can hook onto places so it doesn't drop, the pen is ATTACHED to the board so you can't lose it, and it erases easily and cleanly by simply pressing the animal's nose. We have the bumblebee, narwhal, and the turtle and my kids have loved them at all ages. They will play with them for a solid 20 minutes if not longer.

  3. Burst Kid's Toothbrush: Ok, I know this is sort of a boring AF gift, but in my opinion, this is a great stocking stuffer. Also, the packaging on these toothbrushes are so fun for kids to open so that's a gift in itself. The charge on these last super long (as far as I have experienced) and the colors are vibrant and fun. There is a 2 minute timer on the toothbrush and it shuts off automatically when done. My kids love brushing their teeth with them. We also buy the replacement heads at the same time because they should be replaced after illness and preschoolers are just walking sicknesses so we need them.

  4. Sight Word Flash Cards: These are interactive flash cards that encourage involvement with writing skills, photos, large words and different levels. My kids and nieces love it and it's definitely for ages 4+ but it's a great little stocking stuffer that can travel to restaurants or on trips, etc.

  5. Colorful 24oz Tumblers: Did you know kids should be drinking 40oz of water A DAY?!?! I think I barely get 40oz myself (I know, I know), but that seems so aggressive. Anyway, these stainless steel tumblers are so insanely fun, have a silicone straw lid, are anti-leak and spillproof (can't comment on that yet because these are a stocking stuffer). The only downside is it says they are handwash only, but also that the lid is dishwasher safe, so I am not sure on that yet either.

  6. Wooden Memory Game: I love that there are minimal pieces (no loose or small pieces) and that the kids can operate this toy themselves for the most part. The actual game itself is definitely best for ages maybe 4+ (my 2.5 year old isn't interested in it) and it comes with 7 double-sided sheets for multiple games. Melissa & Doug is such a great brand with so many wonderful gift idea options, I could do a whole post on their products alone.

  7. Toddler Chef Knife: My kids LOVE helping in the kitchen. We bake together often and while this is probably geared more towards older kids (probably even 5+) we got this as a gift and I am very excited for the kids to use it. The knife is actually functional and sharp so adult supervision is required but there is a finger guard which doubles as a blade sheath to cover the sharp blade. I also plan to get them this baking cookbook and regular cookbook as well, either this year or next year. I also like this kitchen utensil set for the kids, we don't have it but it's on our wishlist!

  8. Tonie Box + Tonies: Ok, so the Tonie box is more like a "big gift" and the Tonies (stories) are great stocking stuffers, but you get both as an option. This is used every single day by the kids, and they love choosing what Tonie they are going to listen to at night. We only have one and it's kept up on a shelf with their Tonies (which are only allowed to stay in their room so they don't get mixed up with their toys) but you can buy carrying cases, headphones (with a built-in splitter for multiple headphones), and magnetic shelves. We bought the bundle pack that I linked above. The only downside is that each Tonie is like $18 each, but those make GREAT stocking stuffers and gifts from family members. And there are soooo many wonderful stories to choose from.

  9. Kid's Visual Timer: We set a lot of timers in our house, between baking, getting ready in the morning, or sharing our toys, my kids are obsessed with watching the timer on my phone. I also hate handing them my phone but as a visual gal myself, I understand why they like to see they timer tick down. So I found these super cute visual timers, and I got one for each kid because #toddlers. I will report back on how we like them because they are currently stuffed inside their stockings, but I am excited to start using them (might even need one for myself).

  10. Stackable Snack Containers: I am a practical gift giver for my kids. The thousands of grandparents they have can take care of the fun toys, I, I mean, Santa, will gift them bubble bath, toothpaste, and underwear. Maybe we will do one big Santa gift but we really don't need a ton of things. With that being said, my kids LOVE snacks, and they LOVE picnics, and these little snack containers are so dang cute. I got the kids Spidey, Spin, and Ghost Spider, but they also have Pixar options like Cars, Monsters Inc, Toy Story & Finding Nemo. I like this Princess 3-pack as well! If you're someone who doesn't like color or characters, there are these more aesthetically pleasing containers!

Five bonus budget-friendly gift and stocking stuffer ideas for toddlers:

  1. Mini Doctor's Office Toy: I don't know what else to call the beaded toys that have the wires that look like a roller coaster other than "the doctor's office toy" but here is an image of what I am talking about! Ok, now picture this but in miniature format. Perfect to bring in the car, or bring into a restaurant, or, now hear me out: doctor's office. I think I am so funny lol.

  2. Stopwatch or Manual Counter: My friend who is a middle school PE teacher, and mother of 2 young daughters, said that these two things are some of her kids' favorite things. So I had to add them to this list. This stopwatch is SILENT. Run, don't walk, because we all know that would get annoying AF to have a stopwatch beeping all the damn time. Then if you have more than one toddler. They also have a waterproof version but it costs twice as much so just...ok maybe you need it because bathtime just became a whole heck of a lot more fun. Thank me later. Oh, and this step counter looks like so much fun and it's only like $8 (if you get the one with a lanyard).

  3. Flashlights: Are my kids the only ones who steal the emergency flashlights from their hiding spots then when we actually need them we can't find them because it's either missing or the batteries are dead? I didn't think so. Get your toddler their own flashlight! Here is an 18-pack if you're buying for a small toddler army, or a 6-pack OR there are these super cute animal 2-in-1 flashlight + lantern situations that would be great for camping, and the animals are actually super cute (and it's a 4-pack!).

  4. Kid's Chopsticks: We bought these for the twins as a stocking stuffer when they were 2 and they have used them for so many things over the years. From picking up pom poms and putting them into bins, to eating pancakes and, actually, even nigiri, they think these are such a fun utensil. It can also work for picky eaters to use a new utensil to help make mealtime more interesting!

  5. Sensory Sticks: My kids are very into what they call "monkey tails" and they loved them, so this seems similar and I might get these for the kids' stockings. Not super practical, but they like them and they're fairly inexpensive.

I hope that helps give you some ideas on what to get for the toddler in your life! I am excited to hear what you guys purchase! Need more gift ideas?! Visit my Amazon Storefront! I am updating often with my favorite stocking stuffer and gift




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