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A Quick "About Us"

Kellen and I (Bailey, the one who does a majority of the talking in our relationship) met in Texas in 2016, where it was love at first sight...for me at least. Fast forward a few months and I swept this 250lb rugger off his feet and charmed him with my puns, dad jokes, and mermaid hair. 

Together, we have created a life I couldn't have even dreamed of. We have two beautiful and amazing twin girls, Willa & Hazel, and our son McLane (aka "Buddy") who has brought in even more joy than we thought possible. As a team, who are both actual National Champions, we are able to tackle (literally) any obstacle that comes our way. 

Since we don't do normal pregnancies. (twins for our first pregnancy + spina bifida fetal surgery for our second) we want to share our journey of parenthood. I am a photographer, artist, and mompreneur with a lot of energy and a desire to do as much as I can with this life I have been given! 

Thank you for being here!

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