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A Quick "About Us"

Kellen and I (Bailey, the one who does a majority of the talking in our relationship) met in Texas in 2016, where it was love at first sight...for me at least. Fast forward a few months and I swept this 250lb rugger off his feet and charmed him with my puns, dad jokes, and mermaid hair. 

Together, we have created a life I couldn't have even dreamed of. We have two beautiful and amazing twin girls, Willa Mae and Hazel Eiko, who keep us on our toes and still haven't quite mastered the art of sleeping through the night (who knew midnight snacks were an actual thing). But as a team, who are both actual National Champions, we are able to tackle (literally) any obstacle that comes our way. 

Well, since we just don't do normal pregnancies, along comes our next hurdle: raising a little boy with spina bifida. We want to share our journey of parenthood and this specific pregnancy, where I will undergo fetal surgery (surgery on the baby in utero) in Texas no less, the state I met this sexy fella, to help give our little guy the best we can give. 

Thank you for being here!

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