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Best Cameras for Parents

So, let's start this off with "I am a professional photographer". This is what I do to make a living. I am pretty good at it after 13 years, but the other day at my niece's birthday party (where I had been taking photos with my Canon R6 Mirrorless + 35mm lens...which you do NOT need as a parentographer), someone saw me taking pictures with a polaroid and said "how many cameras DO you have Bailey?" and that led me to make this blog post to help give guidance on one of my most asked questions, which is "what are the best cameras for parents?".

Here are the 5 best cameras for parents:

The one you have with you: whether it's your iPhone or an Android, your camera phone is most likely the camera you will use most of the time. It's easy to bring with you, it's still powerful, and print quality is not bad for most phones! Nowadays you really don't need much at all to take a great photo, but if you're looking for more, I got you covered.

Brown instax evo mini camera

Fujifilm Instax Mini Evo: This hybrid camera is the first of its kind. It's an instant camera with an LCD screen so you can take the photo, see it on the LCD screen, and then print only the photos you want instead of just having to chance that the photo is even any good! The camera also has its own app that allows you to print mini instant photos from your smartphone which is one of my favorite features as a mom and photographer. You can purchase the bundle (which includes a mini SD card, some film, a case, and more) or just the camera itself. I also recommend buying this value pack of Fujifilm mini film packs because they're the best deal I have found on these in a long time! I love the idea of making a "yearbook" with this album + Instax film photos from this camera (which essentially doubles as a printer so I can go back in time and print photos I want in the album). I have only had this camera for a couple of weeks now but I love it and have already recommended it to several people. The reviews are a bit critical in my opinion,

White Instax mini Camera

Fujifilm Instax Mini 12: This camera is like your typical mini instant print camera, and I own a similar version (I have this older version), so while it's like the Mini Evo linked above, it's different in that you cannot view the image before it prints, which is a little more difficult when you have kids so I prefer the Evo now, but I have used this version for a long time.

Canon Powershot (or other digital camera): I love having a basic point-and-shoot camera to bring along when I don't want to bring my "big" camera. They are small and sleek and can fit easily in any purse or bag you may bring on your next adventure. I have had this camera since 2014 so there are a lot more updated versions, but I would probably purchase this one or this one if I were to buy another one in the future. I like the colors that naturally occur with the photos from my original powershot without any editing at all. Speaking of editing, one day I should share a little bit more about HOW to edit your photos!

Black Canon Rebel T7 Body + 2 kit lenses

DSLR or Mirrorless Camera: If you want to get crazy and start taking photos with a big camera body and start down the path of investing in lenses and whatnot, more power to ya! I am a Canon girly, although my first camera was a Sony. I would say I recommend going into a store that specializes in selling camera gear (Galzer's, Samy's Camera, B&H photo etc.) and they can help you find the best camera for what you are looking for. I do recommend starting out with a kit like this one with a couple of good lenses or this mirrorless kit and then upgrading your gear later if you ever start making money as a photographer! For my business, I have personally owned the Canon 5D Mark III DSLR and now own the Canon R6 Mirrorless (with an adapter for my lenses).

Bonus: This digital camera for kids looks awesome! I am adding this to my kids gift ideas list for themselves!

I hope this helps give you an idea of the cameras I like to use and maybe an idea of which one might be best for you (or maybe you are just good to go with your phone!).



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