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Marvel Party Ideas

I am going to start this off with, I am not a party planner. I am just a regular mom, with creative ideas, access to the internet, and an obsession with her Cricut. I love making parties a little more fun, and even though the parties are for the kids, it's fun to see the adults have fun with all the decor, as well.

Disclaimer: Some links may be affiliate links and allow me to earn a small commission. I appreciate you shopping my links and I will not link something I wouldn't personally buy or recommend!

Tiny Superhero in red cape with yellow lettering and lightning bolt looking at his Marvel Comics birhtday banner

Ok, now let's get to the fun stuff.

Marvel Party Ideas

Our son, McLane, is OBSESSED with Marvel, specifically Spider-Man, Iron Man, Hulk, and Black Panther, but he really doesn't discriminate. For his 3rd birthday, I decided to throw him a MARVEL-ous 3rd Birthday party and find fun ways to decorate to make the event even more fun.

Marvel Party Must-Haves

One thing I try to do for my themed parties is to buy items that can be reused as decor or we could gift to the birthday kiddo as a gift (like his cake toppers were Marvel Figurines). I also bought some things from the store that just sat on his cake table for 3 hours and I returned it to the store the next day. Sorry not sorry lol.

I also try to find the best matching font to go with all my signage and invites! For this Marvel party, I found a couple of fonts on that I used on the invite, signage, labels, and more, but you can always search Etsy or! I like this Avengeance Heroic Avenger font and Avengeance Mightiest Avenger font. They're easy to use, you simply download the font, add it to your computer's fontbook, and then upload it into your Cricut or Canva account. You may have to log out and log back in for the font to show up, but then you can create your DIY items right from there.

Here is a link to the Marvel Party Invite I created to upload to to make the party a little more personalized, you can use my design for free! I bought these digital Alphabet Letters/Numbers off Etsy and uploaded them into Canva & Cricut to create a name sign for my son (I used my Cricut Print-then-Cut feature), as well as used the character numbers on the invite! I also bought these Marvel Character Clipart images off Etsy as well to use and I created a "movie poster" in Canva (create your own here) that I printed into a poster from CVS 1-hour photo (here is the template for the size I used 24x20") and framed for decor and will also double as room decor.

Etsy has so many great digital downloads and allows you to be as creative as you want to be with Canva or Cricut Design Space. And they don't break the bank either, downloads usually run about $2-$5 and bring in so much more to your party than you could imagine!

A collage of Marvel Party signage that is available for download

Marvel Food Ideas

I am a very dorky individual and I try to find a pun for just about anything, so when it comes to party food, I try to not only stay on theme, but also try to find a way to make it work as a pun. I am who I am, no ragrets. I created this Marvel Label Template that you can use for free, all you need is a free Canva account and you can access, edit, and download it for yourself. I printed these on cardstock and cut them with scissors or a paper cutter, then folded the signs and set them by the food. You can get creative, make your own signs, write on them, change out the characters, etc! Pinterest has a lot of great and more intricate snack ideas as well, but I am all about easy snacks because I already go all out for all the other things.

We also had some custom cookies made by my friend @kellymadethem, although she literally only comes out of cookie retirement when I request cookies from her lol. She is the best!

My brother and sister-in-law made the most delicious 2-tiered chocolate Oreo cake, but we unfortunately had a cake-tastrophe and the cake fell apart into 4 pieces. My brother put the pieces on a charcuterie board and said "You can just take the cake toppers you bought and make it look like they smashed the cake" and literally, it could not have been more perfect. We didn't even cut into the perfectly frosted cake and used the smashed cake instead.

A chocolate cake with oreo frosting and chocolate ganache, deconstructed and smashed, with Marvel character figurines looking like they destroyed the cake. A number 3 candle is on the cake as well.

Super Hero Party Favor Ideas

I am not a fan of party favors. There, I said it. I do think having a little something for guests is super fun and it's my way of saying "thank you for taking the time to come to our party", or for bringing a gift for our kids, etc (I am terrible at writing thank you notes). When coming up with favor ideas, I want them to be unique, reusable (meaning they don't just go straight to the garbage), cost-efficient, and double as a party activity if possible.

One of my friends had a superhero birthday for her son a few weeks before ours and I had to steal her idea of creating custom capes for each kid. Since there were so many kids, and I didn't know who all was coming just yet, I bought plain black capes + masks, added a simple lightning bolt design with my Cricut, Siser Easyweed HTV Vinyl, and my Cricut heat press + mat to adhere the design (and iron the wrinkles) onto the cape, but you could easily just use an iron. Then, I created a sign (get the template here), printed it on cardstock, and put it into a cheap frame. I also bought some stick-on Chenille letters in multi-color as well as black, but you could buy sticky foam letters to keep the cost down, I already had a bunch of letters and this storage box from other projects. I also bought sticky foam cutouts and allowed each kid to create their own custom capes. It was so much fun and one of the biggest hits of the party.

Links & Other Decor

Here is a list of the decorations I loved and materials I used, just in case you are looking to get set up with your DIY crafting closet.

Marvel Character Foil Balloons: We bought this pack of balloons, but these character balloons look awesome too! I also bought these Spider-Man and Iron Man 3D balloons that we could use again if we wanted.

Birthday boy withlarge piece of funfetti cake looking back at his Vintage Marvel Comics banner on a bright marigold yellow backdrop

Balloon Pump: I have a balloon pump that I have used for years to make sure to save our breath a bit for all these parties, and we also purchased a helium tank because it was easier than taking the balloons into the store to have air put in them.

Comic Book Banner: I am obsessed with this Vintage Marvel Comic Banner and used it for his birthday photoshoot as well as decor at the party and this is definitely getting hung up in his room to match his Marvel theme. So so so cute.

Arch Backdrop Stands: These metal arches come in a pack of 3, (4ft, 5ft, and 6ft tall) and you can purchase stretchy backdrop covers in each respective size (or a pack of 3 with all 3 sizes, but pay attention to dimensions to make sure they fit. I like these covers). I also like the single covers as well! I will be using these for all future parties, even photoshoots and more!

Birthday boy stands in front of Marvel birthday decor with Spider-man and Iron Man 3D Balloons and metal arches with stretchy covers, a 4ft arch in blue, a 6ft arch in red and 5ft arch in gray.

Cricut Maker: I LOVE my Cricut Maker. I also have a Cricut Joy that I NEVER use except when I was in the hospital (here is the newer version called the Cricut Joy Xtra that I have never used before). Not because I don't love it but because I am typically creating bigger projects that require the power of the Maker. There is a newer version out, the Cricut Maker 3, and I recommend getting a bundle because you'll need the tools and some vinyl to get started and that's usually included in the bundles. Cricuts are somewhat difficult to learn, but once you get the hang of it, you feel like you can create anything. I would be happy to help get you started if you have any questions!

I like being a little bit extra when it comes to details, parties, and more. My girls still talk about a cake I made for them almost 2 years ago and it makes me smile knowing that out of all the things they remember, that's one of their core memories right now.

Hopefully, this post gives you some ideas for your own Marvel Party decor! Let me know if you have any questions!!



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