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Date Night 2-Player Game Ideas

Does anyone else find it really difficult to keep track of fun 2-player games to play? As we were sitting in the hospital room, both recovering from our own surgeries, my husband and I decided we needed to find fun ways to pass the time. Along with our own personal favorites (like sequence and Bananagrams), I surveyed my Instagram crew to help me find the best 2-player games we could, and I figured I would share them in an awesome list here!

*This post contains Amazon affiliate links, so I may receive a small commission if you click and shop!*

Most of these games are great to play while camping, traveling, or you know, sitting in a hospital room for 6 weeks. I have broken them down into categories to help give insight into the materials needed. If they are card games, like BlackJack or Gin Rummy, I linked the rules on each game's name. Travel games are awesome because they are easy to take anywhere in a backpack or suitcase!

Board Games

Rummikub or this really cute travel version

Quiddler or this tiny travel version

Travel Games

Mexican Train (need domino set)

Card Games

Miscellaneous Game Ideas

Finders Seekers subscription box

Amazon music trivia (might need an Alexa device)

JackBox (this is cool because you can play remotely with friends through different devices!)

Nintendo Switch (Mario Party, Mario Kart, Etc.)

Let me know in the comments what 2-player games are your favorites!



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