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Gordon Gems: Nurture Life Meals

One of the best decisions my husband made after we had our third baby was to sign us up for a toddler meal delivery service called Nurture Life. Seriously, all the meals are fresh, never frozen, balanced nutrition, and literally take one minute to heat up in the microwave (or you could use your oven, but like, who does that). Watch how easy they are to prepare!

These are great if you are short on time, or if maybe you are tired of serving the same old food, or if you are just trying to survive the day with multiple kiddos. Honestly, they eat better than we do. Some days I only get an uncrustable or a Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwich but these kids are getting Homestyle Pot Roast. This is a different kind of self-care for us right now.

They are a bit pricier than we would typically want to pay for the girls ($7-$8 a meal) especially since we can just feed them homecooked meals for cheaper, but right now, neither of us really have the energy to cook for ourselves yet so the convenience is worth it. However, they are decently sized portions so we usually get two meals out of one. Our girls either share one meal, like at lunchtime when they don't eat as much (then they will eat the rest at snack), or they each totally crush a meal at dinner, so it all depends on how hangry they are.

They are easy to prepare and usually, we will give the girls an additional food item (like a piece of fruit or some cheese). They also sell little snack energy bites, which are so good, grab-and-go meals that are great to take to the zoo or to the park, and little finger food meals for babies who are just learning how to eat real food. And all of it tastes really delicious.

You can choose your meals week to week or you can let them surprise you (which we tend to do). I love seeing what food arrives week to week, even if I can log into our account and preview the menu.

The recyclable packaging is also a bonus. I love that they guide you on how to do it.

This also makes for a great "off-the-registry" gift item if you are looking for a unique gift for that friend who already has kids and is pregnant with baby #2 (or #5, whatever). You know, since they still have to feed their older kids while growing another one. Or maybe you have a friend who is dealing with a medical issue of their own or their partner, so this can take a big weight off of someone's shoulders as they navigate an obstacle life has thrown their way. Even if you just gift a week, it's a huge item they can feel good about checking off their list. Check out gifting options here.

Feeding kids is fairly easy, but trying to raise kids that aren't picky, serving them veggies, trying to get them the right nourishment, and keeping your sanity all at the same time can be quite daunting. Nurture Life takes the guesswork (and the prep work) out of serving nutritious meals. I absolutely love them, especially for this season of life we are in!

Here is a credit for some free meals (you get $40 and we get $40)! Please let us know if you end up giving it a try, I would love to hear what you think!



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